Call for Applications for SITL Research Grant Award

The Spectrum Institute for Teaching and Learning (SITL) funds eight research grants annually specific to research conducted around the Spectrum of Teaching Styles. Each recipient of a SITL research grant will receive a financial award to conduct a proposed research study. The purpose of these research grants is to promote and enhance scholarship in relation to the theoretical constructs of the Spectrum of Teaching Styles. Studies may be conducted in any school subject-matter area (e.g., physical education, elementary classroom, secondary mathematics, etc.). The selection of the grant recipients is a competitive process. All application materials must be completed in English.

Categories of Eligibility

  1. Master’s Degree Students (two grants): Each award $3,000
  2. Doctoral Degree Students (three grants): Two 1-year $5,000 awards, One 3-year $15,000 award (must have published at least one of the proposed multiple studies by the end of the third year)
  3. Faculty Members (three grants): Each award $5,000

Application Process

Download and complete the Application Packet from our website as per the instructions provided in the Application Packet. Then make sure to email your application to

The deadline to apply is March 30th, 2023

Requirements of Grant Awardees

The financial award associated with each successful grant applicant will be made payable to the principal researcher’s university/institution.  All such universities/institutions must have an established Institutional Review Board (IRB) and a Grants/Contracts Office or other office accountable for financial tracking and reporting.

Award recipients must include proof that their university/institution/school is a non-profit organization.  For U.S. based institutions, that is the EIN (Employer Identification Number).  For institutions based outside of the U.S., we will require documentation with the institution’s letterhead stating that it is a non-profit institution.

IRB approval and informed consent for human subjects/participants documentation must be submitted to the SITL for grant awardees prior to release of funds from the SITL.

A final written report that includes a revised version of the original abstract, a summary of findings, and the final budget must be submitted by December 30, 2023.  In addition, a short audio-video presentation (3-4 minutes) of the study must be submitted by December 30, 2023.  The final written report will be posted on the SITL Facebook page and website to promote the Spectrum Research Grant Program and its recipients.  The recipient of the 3-year $15,000 doctoral award will submit a written report at the end of each year (2023, 2024, and 2025).

All unexpended funds must be returned to the SITL in full within 60 days of submission of the final written report. All written documents including publications and presentation materials and print and electronic communications that result from the successful funding of this research study must include the following statement (acknowledgement) or a similar statement: “This work was supported by funds received from the Spectrum Institute of Teaching and Learning, Spectrum Research Grant Program.”

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