Public (online) Lecture (Nov. 10): “Active, Healthy Children in Marginalized Communities”

Prof. Uwe Pühse was a board member and treasurer of AIESEP for many years. In September 2022 he was awarded an honorary professorship for his achievements in collaboration with Nelson Mandela University in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. On the occasion of this award, a public lecture will take place on November 10, 2022 (1400-1500h), which interested persons can join online:


Children in marginalized communities face special challenges. They affect, among other things, their health, their psycho-social well-being and their opportunities for a high-quality and holistic education, especially at school. These challenges also exist in South Africa and specifically in the Eastern Cape region. Global organizations such as the WHO, the OECD and UNESCO provide information and recommendations on how healthy development and education should look like. This is where the work of the UNESCO Chair on Physical Activity and Health in Educational Settings comes in. The lecture deals with the goals and intervention measures of this Chair with regard to the SDGs ‘good health and wellbeing’ and ‘quality education’. Selected achievements of the previous work are presented and discussed. In a third step, ‘visions for the future’ are developed, which are closely related to the current UNESCO initiatives.

Speaker Bio

Uwe Pühse is full Professor of Sport Science at the University of Basel, Switzerland, and the Director of the Department of Sport, Exercise and Health.  He has published more than 100 peer-reviewed articles, several books and book chapters and holds the UNESCO Chair on Physical Activity and Health in Educational Settings. He has recently been awarded an Honorary Professorship at Nelson Mandela University, where his collaboration has spanned 10 years. Prof Uwe Pühse has held many leadership positions in a number of professional bodies, and has received awards for his contribution to the development and promotion of physical education and sport for development.

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