2nd International Seminar of Physical Education, Sport and Health (ISPESH)

Welcome to the 2nd International Seminar of Physical Education, Sport, and Health (ISPESH). The seminar will be held at 17th October, 2022 at Bandung, Indonesia, virtually. ISPESH is being organized by Physical Education, Health, and recreation Study Program, Faculty of Sport Education and Health, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. The aim of the seminar is to provide the platform for students, physical educators, coaches, researchers and scientists to share the knowledge and ideas in the recent trends in the field of Physical Education and Sport Science.

The theme for The 2nd ISPESH is “Physical Education, Sport, and Health in Hybrid Learning” and it is elaborated into three sub-themes, namely: (1) Physical Education and School Sport in the National Sports Grand Design Constellation: Policy Perspectives; (2) Healthy Life Skills and Life Satisfaction: Development of Physical Literacy in Physical Education and Physical Activity, and (3) Creative Physical Education, Sport and Health Teachers:¬† Opportunities and Challenges in Hybrid Learning. The Organizing Committee invite all scientists, researchers, and practitioners to share their experiences, ideas, views, visions, and missions related to this theme from various scientific perspectives and expertise.

Go here for more information: http://ispesh.event.upi.edu/

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