International Research Collaborations: Learning from others and making connections

My first AIESEP conference was during graduate school. I used up all my frequent flyer miles I had accrued and booked a ticket from New York City to Auckland. I had been in email contact with a friend’s former athlete’s former coach (lot’s of degrees of separation here!) who lived in Auckland and…as he had said plenty of times, his door was always open to people from the wrestling community (I wrestled and coached at the university level for a decade in the USA). So, as a “budget minded” graduate student I took the opportunity for free housing.

This was to be my first international presentation, and my first “big” conference where I started to fully realize the breadth and scope of research conducted by professors across the globe. This conference was also the first time I was introduced to my current colleague Dr. Dominique Banville. Little would I know that she would be on my hiring committee 5 years later at George Mason and I’d be sitting on the board of directors for AIESEP and writing this blog!

Many of us remember our first AIESEP conference vividly. Many of us remember the conferences we’ve attended for different reasons. For some it may be the location, the epic dinner party, or a specific presentation they saw that “clicked”. Undeniably, it is also the amazing people we meet and forge collaborations with.

This is what AIESEP is all about! Bringing scholars together from across the globe to move our field forward.

So, I invite you to join our community October 28th Friday (10am New York, 16:00 CET/Brussels) to continue forging international collaborations.

Meeting URL:
Meeting ID:863 0999 9705

This session will highlight how international partnerships are formed, how to deal with ethics, funding, and communication across multiple countries. I will be facilitating this AIESEP Connect in collaboration with the special interest group for PE in the American Educational Research Association (AERA). The 1hr session will be split into 3 parts. In the first part we will hear from scholars who have successfully navigated time zones, university bureaucracy, and language barriers to produce high-quality research.

In the second part you (yes, as in YOU the reader of this blog) have a role in this AIESEP Connect session. I want you to think of research questions that can benefit from international collaboration. The goal of the second part of the AIESEP Connect session is to share research questions that have already been partially answered in some countries but can benefit from or need to be re-tested in other countries. This is also a time to share potential new research questions that may lead to international collaborations.

The final part of this AIESEP connect will be conducted in breakout rooms based on research topics. There will be 5 rooms (and I know for some of you this will be a tough decision on which one to attend). The 5 rooms will be: Policy, Assessment, Social Justice in PE, Physical Activity, PETE.

Although these breakout rooms are limited in scope, I hope these 5 groups provide robust conversation about how international collaborations could possibly be set up, and help our community build more collaboration across countries.

In other AIESEP news: you will see the call for proposals come out in mid-October for the AIESEP conference in Santiago de Chile which will be held July 4-7, 2023. This is the FIRST time we will be in Latin America, and we hope for an amazing conference that further develops our organization to be a truly international organization serving the global physical education community.

We hope to see you in Chile!

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