AIESEP Guestbook for the 60th Anniversary

The AIESEP Guestbook

AIESEP is celebrating its 60th anniversary and invites all current and former AIESEP members, friends and anyone who would like to support the association to participate.


AIESEP was founded on August 2, 1962 in Lisbon. In 2022, a range projects to mark our 60th birthday were launched:  

(a)#AIESEP60for60 (video clips proposed weekly by scholars who were involved in the life of the association and/or are renowned sport pedagogy specialists)

(b) #AIESEPTimeline (a series of posts illustrating important episodes of the AIESEP life).

(c) During the opening ceremony of the 2022 AIESEP World Congress in Gold Coast, Australia (hybrid access – June 15 – see, the AIESEP will present its ‘Archives’ Directory’, an online resource proposing an access to the AIESEP publications to the members.

It just takes five minutes to join our AIESEP Guestbook:

  • Identify one picture of you, your institution, your town/region, available on your computer/smartphone.
  • Join the AIESEP website on :
  • Click on ‘Sign Guestbook’.
  • Discover the posts that are already available.
  • Click on the pink circle with a cross on the upper right corner (‘Add post’)
  • Choose your location (type the name of your town and country or drag the pin to your place on the map.
  • Upload the picture you selected.
  • Add a caption or not.
  • Write a short message.
  • Select the red color for your pushpin.
  • Click on ‘Publish’.

Your post will be validated and then released. AIESEP will be honoured to receive your contribution!

Thanks for being a part of our AIESEP community!

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