Award Announcement: AIESEP Developing Country Scholar

AIESEP Developing Country Scholar Award

The Internationalization Committee of AIESEP would like to announce the award winner for the AIESEP 2022 Congress, Australia, in June 2022:

  • Tasleem Arif, University of Haripur, Pakistan.
  • Luiz Gustavo Bonatto Rufino, São Paulo State University, Brazil.

On behalf of the AIESEP Board we would like to congratulate Tasleem and Luiz. We look forward to meeting her and hearing her presentation at Griffith University’s Gold Coast in June at this year’s AIESEP Congress. This was a very competitive international award. There were eight applicants from seven different countries.

Award details:

The award is intended to support an emerging scholar. The award covers travel costs from a developing country to an AIESEP congress/conference.

The AIESEP Board has agreed to waive the award recipient’s membership for the next year and pay for registration to the AIESEP conference.

Those receiving the AIESEP Developing Country Scholar Award will:

(a) deliver a presentation (oral or poster) at the AIESEP Conference, and

(b) participate in any events scheduled for AIESEP Developing Country Scholar Award at the AIESEP Conference.

Developing Country Scholar Award Committee:

Ben Dyson, New Zealand and USA

Uwe Pühse, Switzerland

Deniz Hünük,Turkey

Chingwei Chang, Taiwan

Cheryl Walter, South Africa

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