TGfU 40th Anniversary- Video Project

2022 marks the 40th anniversary of the TGfU model as proposed by David Bunker and Rod Thorpe in the Bulletin of PE (1982). Throughout the year, we have been hosting a variety of different events including our professional development webinars, special blogs celebrating different games-based approaches, our monthly guest blogs showcasing the latest research and practice and much more.

We are now trying to focus on the creation of our 40th anniversary video project and we need your support!

We would like to create a video with individuals around the world from our PE and games-based approaches communities celebrating the anniversary. This will be a collection of video clips, pictures and text carefully crafted together to produce a complete larger video sequence. This video will be displayed on our website and social media.  This is a great opportunity to get your students and colleagues involved and showcase your institution and your country.

Some Examples:

  • Wish TGfU a happy anniversary (photo/video)
  • Extended video discussing how you apply games-based approaches in your work
  • Practical Activity (video/photo)

We would really love to see short video clips and photos of as many of our supporters as possible. We would also appreciate you passing on this information to institutions and colleagues within your networks.

We hope that you will all want to join in and make this a resounding success.

For full details:

If you would like some example backgrounds that you could stand in front of to take these photos/videos, please contact Ellen at

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