Research Assistant position: Teaching social justice in teacher education (University of Limerick, IRE)

This project is looking to recruit a Research Assistant (one day a week (equivalent) over 18 months) to support data collection and analysis on a project exploring teaching social justice in (physical education) initial teacher education. The Research Assistant will be involved in gathering data through focus groups and recorded meetings. Qualitative analysis will be carried out for the focus groups, teacher educator reflective diaries and recorded meetings.

The aim of the project is to develop and share a teaching approach to fore fronting social justice across two teacher education programmes from two jurisdictions (Ireland and Northern Ireland) that encourages teacher educators and pre-service teachers to learn with and from each other, not only within their respective jurisdictions but also across jurisdictions. Teacher educators and pre-service teachers from both jurisdictions will share a space as they begin considering how best to approach the teaching of social justice and begin to appreciate the extent to which specific social justice issues are unique (or not) not only to their jurisdiction but also the school context in which they find themselves on school placement.

The post is costed at point 9 of the Irish Universities Association Research Assistant scale and includes employer’s PSRI and pension contribution.

Please contact for further details and to lodge your interest in the opportunity. Closing date for lodging an interest is Friday 29th April 2022.

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