Sara Ashworth Lankler (1946-2022)

Sara Elizabeth Ashworth Lankler, 75, was born in Miami, Florida, on October 7th, 1946. She was an enthusiastic and accomplished gymnast, runner, and diver throughout her childhood and adolescent years. She loved participating in sports, and it was through sports that she learned to accept challenges, take risks, receive feedback, and work with and trust others.

Sara completed her undergraduate studies at Blue Mountain College, where she graduated with a B.A. degree in English. She then went on to the University of Mississippi, where she earned a M.A. degree in counseling, and where she met Muska Mosston, in 1969, who introduced her to her life-long passion, The Spectrum of Teaching Styles.

Sara and Muska were together for 25 years during which time they shared the Spectrum with many educators from around the world. In 1983, Sara earned her Ed.D. in education from Temple University. Sara received an Honorary Doctorate from the Faculty of Sport and Health Science, University of Jyväskylä, Finland, in 1996, for her educational work related to the Spectrum of Teaching Styles. From 1987 to 2008, Sara served as a professor at Florida Atlantic University, where she published several books and numerous articles.

Sara’s enthusiasm and sparkle in her eyes will always be with us.  Over the past two years, her enthusiasm for the future of the Spectrum Institute of Teaching and Learning was high, despite having to contend with her difficult health issues.  We are grateful that Sara had the opportunity to partake in the official formation of the Spectrum Institute and observe the Spectrum activities that have transpired over the past two years.  She was able to see, firsthand, how the Spectrum of Teaching Styles continues to flourish worldwide.  We also feel fortunate that Sara was able to share with us her expertise and vision for the Spectrum.

Sara’s work with the Spectrum of Teaching Styles has influenced and contributed to the teaching of physical education all around the world. One of her most recent acts was the achieving of a lifelong goal, the beginning of the Spectrum Institute of Teaching and Learning. Sara passed away April 11, 2022. She will be sorely missed by all.

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