AIESEP Young Scholars 2022: Miguel Peralta

Miguel Peralta is currently a researcher at the Faculty of Human Kinetics of the University of Lisbon (FMH-UL). There he completed is PhD in Education, specialized in Health Education, in 2021, investigating the role of Physical Education (PE) in promoting cardiorespiratory fitness. Besides being a researcher, he has been lecturing the curriculum development, assessment and health promotion in PE courses in the Sport Sciences bachelor and the PE master programs as an Invited Assistant Professor since 2021.

His main research focus are physical activity epidemiology and health promotion. He is particularly interested in promoting health through and in PE and more broadly in the school context, specifically looking how PE teacher can act as health promoting agents and the influence of resources and interventions in promoting physical activity and fitness in PE and school. How can physical activity interventions be successful in the long run and can PE teachers have a role in doing so? What and how resources in school can be better mobilized in order to promote health? Are some of the questions Miguel is interested in investigating in the future. At the AIESEP 2022 World Congress, he will present his work ‘Promoting health-related cardiorespiratory fitness in Physical Education’, investigating the associations of teacher behaviour

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