New Book: Tactical Decision-Making in Sport

The book is a synthesis of theory and practice related to Tactical Decision-Making in Sport. The first part covers topics that are related such as the Developing Thinking Players (DTP) model, the challenges that coaches face in using this approach and the development of Athlete-Centred Coaching (ACC), Games Based Approaches (GBA). We explain how these three models of coaching provide the foundation to the ideas and concepts in our book.

The second part features practical chapters of 13 well respected international coaches introducing athlete decision-making to their athletes. As such we believe it can contribute to both academic research and practical approaches. We try to bridge the gap that exists between academic research and the real world of sport coaching.

Go here to access the book:

Comments and feedback can be sent to the co-authors and co-editors:

David Cooper (

Dr. Barrie Gordon (

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