Launch and Invitation to contribute to #AIESEP60for60

On August 2, 1962, a group of 11 institutions founded the AIESEP in Lisbon, Portugal (Bonn, Caracas, Graz, Köln, Liège, Lisbon, Macolin/Magglingen, Madrid, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Rome). Over the 60 years following, AIESEP expanded its large network of institutions and scholars and became a well-respected international organization recognized for its leading contribution in the field of research on sport pedagogy.

Despite the current context that is not favorable to organize face-to-face activities, the AIESEP Board wishes to celebrate AIESEP’s 60th anniversary by organizing special activities throughout the year.

#AIESEP60for60 is the first initiative and we are excited to invite you to contribute to this project!

The #AIESEP60for60 initiative consists of publishing short videos (one minute!) online in which our members and other sympathizers express their involvement and contribution to AIESEP. The will be published weekly leading up to and throughout the duration of AIESEP 2022 World Congress, Gold Coast.  The first one is available now on the AIESEP YouTube channel here.

Would you like to be featured in one of the videos?

1) Prepare a video respecting the following requirements:

  • 60 seconds (+/-5) ;-)))
  • Record the video in a landscape position (horizontal) – With your smartphone in high resolution
  • Be sure that there is no background noise
  • Choose a place with enough light
  • Think about what is in your background
  • Speak loud enough
  • In English (except the last words that could be in your mother tongue if not English (local adaptation ;-))))

2) The content of your video is up to you (we love creativity!) but we suggest:

  • Say hello and introduce yourself
  • Explain what AIESEP represents for you, what it brought to you and/or recall a nice memory
  • Share your wishes for AIESEP’s anniversary (that part can be in the ‘native’ language)

3) Send your video clip to Marc Cloes:

  • By email ( directly or through WeTransfer or similar tool
  • By WhatsApp (send an email to receive the number)

We hope that you will participate in this project which will highlight the strength of the links existing within the AIESEP family. Do not wait before joining it !!!

AIESEP – YouTube

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