AIESEP 2022 World Congress Goes Hybrid: Here’s What That Means!

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to challenge scholars around the world to rethink and re-imagine the way they connect with others and share their research. Given the ongoing uncertainties associated with the pandemic, the AIESEP 2022 World Congress will be run in a hybrid format. In choosing this format, our goal is to give delegates the confidence of knowing the event will go ahead, no matter what. Every session will be simultaneously in-person and online. Delegates able to travel to the Gold Coast will be able to participate in the conference on the Griffith University campus, and those who aren’t will be able to participate online from the comfort of your home or office (you might even push the hybrid format further by organising your own local conference hubs!). To accommodate the complexities of multiple time zones, the Congress will be programmed using a rotating schedule designed to maximise the number of presentations overseas delegates will be able to attend (and maximise the amount of time in-person delegates can spend at the beach). The registration fees in each category (e.g., member, non-member, student, etc.) will be the same for online and on-site delegates, which we hope provides you with flexibility amidst frequent changes to national and state border restrictions and institutional travel regulations. Although we’re sad we won’t be able to see all of you in-person, we’re excited to connect with you all at the Congress in whatever form your participation is able to take, and to explore the possibilities this hybrid format affords. For more information about the Congress go to the conference website, and check out our Twitter account, @aiesep2022, for all the latest news. The abstract portal is now open, so submit your abstract here by 21 January 2022.

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