TGfU SIG Consensus Statement

The Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU) International Advisory Board (IAB) recognizes increasing confusion particularly among teachers and coaches on the fields and the need for a common language to describe a type of pedagogy that reflects alternative models created to address the need described by Bunker and Thorpe (1982). A wide variety of generic terms (e.g., tactical models, alternative models, etc.), and also specific approaches (i.e., TGfU) have been used to refer to these pedagogical approaches, which have been creating confusion among scholars and practitioners. Particularly, two terms, game-centered approach and game-based approach, are interchangeably used in literature. After a long-term valuable discussion and dialogue, it is believed that this is a time to make a consensus agreement to use one term.

In order to promote terminological consistency among researchers and practitioners, the TGfU IAB suggests the use of Game-Based Approach (GBA) to refer to the learner-centered teaching and coaching practice in which the modified games set the base and framework for developing thoughtful, creative, intelligent, and skilful players.

The TGfU IAB also encourages the use of Game-Based Approaches (GBAs) to refer to several well-established approaches that follow a GBA like TGfU, Game Sense, Play Practice, Tactical Games Model, Ballschool, Invasion Games Competence Model and other similar proposals.

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