Bridging Sports’ Understanding Gap Between Research & User Communities

The meaning and relevance of sports in modern society has increased exponentially during the COVID 19 era.  As a result of the pandemic, sports have become more important than ever. 

SportsEdTV today represents one of the best learning alternatives for children and adults to become agents of their own sports participation through a reliable and high-quality sports instruction video library.  Focused on data-driven evidence, SportsEdTV designs video content with cinema-quality so every person can have free access to the best coaching across the globe. 

Focused on this democratic approach, SportEdTV develops educational videos in more than 40 sports, adding blogs, news, highlights, and interviews with experts in the world of sports sciences, physical education pedagogy, nutrition, exercise science, rehabilitation, experts, Olympians, and Paralympians. 

Teacher and coaching education content and discourse on current and relevant issues are prominent features on the SportsEdTV platform.

SportsEdTV envisions world-class scholars from AIESEP having a great impact on research dissemination, scholarship of application, action research projects, and mentoring coaches and athletes on expertise development in athletics. 

To date, the challenges of sports mirror the challenges of humanity in the 21st Century.  It is evident, that the inclusion of sports in the social fabric requires better distribution of the intellectual community’s research. 

A distribution gap between academia and the general population exists.  For parents, athletes, coaches, and administrators to consume and properly apply the research developed by the best sports, physical education, physical activity, and health-related fitness researchers in the world, the gap will need narrowing.  

SportsEdTV expects to bridge the gap between research and understandable, accessible content making sense to grassroots audiences.

AIESEP experts from all over the world will play an important research role while SportsEdTV interpretation can pave the way to general audiences spanning the communication gap.

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