AIESEP 2021 Honorary Developing Country Award Winners– Teneille Venter

I am a Lecturer in Sports Management Department at CPUT (Cape Town) and also aPhD student in Sport, Recreation and Exercise Science at UWC (Cape Town).

            Research topic:

            Developing a context specific physical education programme for resource poor communities in the Western Cape

            With a background in Biokineticists, I believe my expertise in this field and passion for encouraging healthy, active lifestyles will serve me well in this niche area of which I am interested in. I have been involved in a variety of research projects over the past 5 years particularly in community health and well-being using exercise and recreation to fulfill these aspirations for people of all ages to take benefits from being active. My research focuses on children specifically as they need to be encouraged to be active daily in order to relish the benefits of activity and to form habitual healthy habits and lifestyles which will carry through to their adulthood. I chose to look at resource poor communities in particular as often these areas are overlooked. Low income schools and households need research done in their context in order for the research outcomes to be deliverable to these areas. I have a heart for community and am involved in charities in my personal as well as work capacity. My passion for movement has been with me all my life, I enjoy running, cycling, triathlon and anything else that allows me to be outside in the fresh air and looking after my body. I have found no better area to research but that of one that combines my passion for movement and my passion for helping others.

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