2021 AIESEP Developing Country Scholar Award Winners – Özlem Alagül

Özlem Alagül currently works as an Assistant Professor in the department of Physical Education and Teacher Education at Kastamonu University, Turkey. Her main research area focuses on PE pedagogy including teachers and pre-service teachers’ professional learning/development and learning/pedagogy in online environments.

            Özlem completed her PhD in Faculty of Sport Sciences, Ankara University, Turkey under the supervision of Ferda Gürsel with an emphasis on physical education teachers’ learning of Tactical Games Model. Meanwhile, she visited University of Bedfordshire, UK, as a visiting researcher and worked with Dr. Ashley Casey.

            Özlem worked as a physical education teacher for seven years in K-12 grades. Therefore, she has put her experiences into her research in order to help and guide PE teachers and pre-service teachers in terms of professional learning and continuous professional development. She has shown a distinct focus in her scholarship with a strong commitment to change PE and Sport Pedagogy in her country specifically with focus on PETE students’ preparation for teaching profession and research in physical education and sport pedagogy. She also takes charge in the editorial boards of Journal of Physical education & Sports Studies which is published by Turkish Physical Education Teachers Association with which she has developed some projects related to new approaches in PE pedagogy. At the AIESEP Conference 2021, Özlem’s paper entitled “To create my career looks like finding my Ikigai: Professional socialization process of PETE students’ seek to consider how PETE students” where she investigated how PETE students who are under their professional socialization developed their careers primarily with respect to teacher identity. 

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