2021 AIESEP Developing Country Scholar Award Winners – Marcos Godoi

Marcos Godoi has a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education (PE) and a master’s degree focused on Cultural Studies from the Federal University of Mato Grosso (FUMT). He accomplished a PhD in Sciences of Education, at University of Montreal (UofM), under the supervision of Dr. Cecilia Borges. He received a doctoral scholarship from CAPES, an agency linked to the Ministry of Education of Brazil. Based on French Ergonomics and the Sociology of Work, his thesis was entitled The “curricular work” of teachers in physical education: from prescribed to real work. He has been working as a PE teacher at both elementary and high school levels. Marcos also works as a mentor in the Pedagogical Residence program, mentoring eight pre-service teachers. He is also a lecturer at the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Mato Grosso (FIMT) in the Physical Education Teaching Education (PETE) program. His articles and research interests revolve around the following themes: 1. PE curriculum and pedagogical practices; 2. PE teachers professional development; 3. Body, Sport, Education and Health discourse in the social media, based on Cultural Studies, Critical Pedagogy, and Multicultural approaches. His presentation at the AIESEP 2021 focuses on understanding PE teachers as adaptive experts and the search for innovation. Despite working in schools where there is a lack of materials and facilities, they managed to promote innovations in classes or to develop extra-curricular projects. A strong characteristic of these teachers is the fact that they continue to learn throughout their professional lives, developing their skills and abilities, transforming their school contexts and offering a quality PE, committed to students who have few cultural and sporting opportunities. His recommendation for the DCS award came from Dr. Cecilia Borges. Marcos hopes that this AIESEP award will open up new opportunities for partnerships and learning with foreign colleagues.

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