2021 AIESEP Developing Country Scholar Award Winners – Chante’ Johannes

Miss Chante’ Johannes is a Ph.D. candidate in the Sports, Recreation, and Exercise Science Department at the University of the Western Cape (UWC), Cape Town, South Africa. Additionally, Miss Johannes is an Associate lecturer within this department, lecturing 1st-year Kinesiology and 2nd and 3rd year Sports Management. Her focus areas are within the fields of Physical Education, Recreation, Sport and Community Development, and Sport in Society. As a Caring Society (CASO) member, Miss Johannes was a part of a consortium of international universities and research partners who focused on enriching Physical Education and the health of children and youth, especially in resource-constrained communities. Alongside her academic career, Miss Johannes is a Youth Leader for the Foundation for Sport, Development, and Peace Youth Network, and strives to promote health and well-being in youth through sports and recreational initiatives. Furthermore, Miss Johannes is a First-Year Transition Officer, which focuses on first-year student transitions into the university environment within the Community and Health Sciences Faculty at UWC. Miss Johannes will be presenting, “The Perceived Benefits of Structured and Unstructured Physical Education lessons: Perspectives from selected Cape Town high schools” at the AIESEP International conference 2021.

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