2021 AIESEP Young Scholars (6): Cassandra Iannucci

Cassandra is a lecturer in health and physical education teacher education at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia. As an early career researcher, Cassandra’s main teaching and research interests revolve around (physical education) teacher education pedagogies, assessment, and student voice in primary physical education. More recently, she is drawn to exploring what learning is privileged and valued in physical education with a particular emphasis on increasing capacity for social and emotional learning in schools and PETE programs. In addition to conducting original research, Cassandra has an evolving passion for reaching a practitioner audience as a bridge to impact physical education provision in schools through presenting workshops at various practitioner conferences as well as writing to be published in journals that target a practitioner audience.

At the AIESEP 2021 in (virtual) Banff, she will present her research on student voice in primary physical education research and practice. Her recommendation for the young scholar came from Ann MacPhail.

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