2021 AIESEP Young Scholars (1): Shrehan Lynch

Shrehan is a young scholar, two years post-PhD. Since completing her doctoral studies at the University of Alabama and relocating back in England, she has worked as a Senior Lecturer in Initial Teacher Education and is the subject lead for physical education at her university. Her area of expertise is in socio-critical issues in physical education and teacher education and her upcoming presentation for the 2021 AIESEP conference draws on her work co-founding a social justice movement in physical education, BAMEPE. Alongside her co-author Laura McBean, she hopes to share findings from research carried out with minority communities in the hope to expand the knowledge, collaboration and solidarity with an international audience. Her voluntary work at BAMEPE also hopes to serve as a leverage for working with AIESEP more closely. The BAMEPE website has been viewed in 85 different countries and had 6054 views and 3555 visitors. Their resources have been downloaded 1097 times and their highest read blog has had 962 views. The gender non-conforming and trans inclusion resource specifically has been downloaded 430 times. The BAMEPE movement is a testament to Shrehan’s continued sport pedagogy research and communication of social justice messages within the discipline. She is hopeful that a collaboration with AIESEP and the BAMEPE network can be started, where the mission of an equitable physical education can be shared internationally. Moreover, that BAMEPE can collaborate with AIESEP members to contribute to its network through sharing socially just research, blogs, and initiatives relevant to specific communities.

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