The Outdoors: An Underused Learning Environment

The outdoors can create an interesting learning environment for children and students of different ages. Implementing outdoor education as a part of pedagogy starts through pre-service teacher education. Interestingly, comparisons between some European and Nordic countries revealed that Nordic countries use outdoor education as a compulsory content in their teacher education programs and have recognized curricula, both in Teacher Education and basic education. Surprisingly, many European teacher education curricula do not recognize this area.

To increase understanding of the important role of outdoor environment, a position statement for outdoor education was published. This position statement emerged as a follow-up to a thematic round table organized by S.I.E.M.eS. (Italian Society of Movement and Sport Education). The statement argues that the outdoor environment should become part of the daily pedagogical routine of children. A second aim of this position statement was to help to reach a consensus in the educational community. PETE educators, together with other educators, are challenged to act in collaboration with multiple sociocultural players and stakeholders (at local, national and continental levels). The paper concluded with an invitation to increase the amount of scientific research among outdoor education, both from didactic as well as pedagogical point of view. Read more about the outdoor education position statement by clicking this link :

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