Position Announcement: Ministry of Education in Bahrain

The Ministry of Education in Bahrain, the Ministry is looking for an expert in Sports Development, that have understanding and expertise school sports for grades K-12, to develop school sports in the Kingdom specifically in the below areas:

  • Sports Curriculum for elementary, middle and high schools.
  • Teaching Mechanisms in Sports and physical Education in K-12 schools.
  • Techniques for identifying Athletically Gifted and development of Sports Clubs and Organization.
  • Athletic Training in grade K-12.
  • Utilizing sports facilities and developing them to make the best use for Sports and Physical Education.
  • Fitness in schools.
  • Students Exchange Programs in the fields of Sports.
  • Exchange Programs in this field to train Bahrainis to better develop and strengthen the above points.

The Specific and strategic goals concentrate on the following:

  1. Specific sports education curricula compatible with the requirements of the twenty-first century.
  2. Adapting school sports outputs to the needs of sports clubs and federations.
  3. Qualitative investment with clubs and sports federations.
  4. Training centers and programs for the gifted and healthy physical fitness.
  5. Opportunities available to all in the sports field by improving school sports and physical Education.
  6. Adapting school sports outputs to the needs of sports clubs and federations.

The Ministry of Education requires one expert at the moment dedicated to follow up on the implementation of the strategy.  The expected start date of the project is September 1, 2021 but this can further be discusses once we find the right candidate.

We would appreciate your kind assistance in sharing this with your contacts in the Sports Development field, and other professors at different universities to share with PE professors, consultants, teachers and spread the word around and if they are interested to send us their resumes or CVs at cultural@Bahrainembassy.org or provide us with names to contact directly.

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