Learning and the Brain: The North American Coaches’ Study

We were hoping if you might be able to help support a project related to learning and the brain in sports coaching? This study seeks to understand North American sports coaches’ knowledge, beliefs, and uses of ideas and practices based on learning and the brain. It is becoming increasingly clear that this sort of information is of great relevance to the quality and professionalism of sports coaching. We are aiming to provide the first-ever study of knowledge, beliefs, and uses related to learning and the brain in North America. The study has received ethical approval from the University of Central Lancashire’s ethics committee (Ref: HEALTH/0133).

We have developed an online survey that we are distributing to coaches across the United States and Canada. The questionnaire is relatively short and simple to complete – taking roughly 15 minutes. Any sports coach, from grassroots to elite, is invited to participate in this study.

The project has the support of the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC), and several sports’ governing bodies, who will be distributing the survey through their networks. We are contacting some other significant individuals, institutions, and organizations, asking them to share this invitation with their networks, too.

We very much look forward to hearing from you!


‘Learning and the Brain: The North American Coaches’ Study’ team

Matthew Reeves, University of Central Lancashire, UK

Shawn Arent, University of South Carolina, USA

Richard Bailey, RBES Ltd, Germany

Phillip Tomporowski, University of Georgia, USA

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