Global Design Challenge for Sport & Physical Activity: AIESEP helping Teams in Matchathon & Incubation phase

AIESEP is a Global Design Challenge for Sport and Physical Activity (GDCSPA) Partner.

As a GDCSPA partner, AIESEP has an opportunity to work with Teams who submitted projects to the GDCSPA to address the question: How might we sustainably redesign sport and physical activity for children and families, the young and the not-so-young, for participants, spectators, fans and community groups, so that it is inclusive, accessible, attainable – and fun! – during the pandemic and afterwards?

Other GDSPA partners include International Sport and Culture Organisation (ISCA), The Association for International Sport for All (TAFISA), TACTHUB, APO Group, The Rugby Site, Sport for Life Canada, PHE Canada, EUPEA, CEREPS, UNESCO Chair for Physical Activity and Health in Educational Settings (University of Basel, Switzerland), and UNESCO Chair in Inclusive Sport, (IT Tralee, Ireland), UCC Sport, Sport Ireland, Federation of Irish Sport, Cappanalea National Centre for Outdoor Education and Training, Cork Local Sports Partnership with the support of UNESCO, WHO, Commonwealth Secretariat and Devpost.

All AIESEP members can view the 37 successful projects at:

Here, AIESEP members can reach out to Teams whether their Projects might match your interests. This Matchathon will last until 31stAugust to give time for every Partner to approach every Team that is of interest, and moreover to allow every Team to see the possible range of supports that might be available to them.

From 31st August you can enter into a firm commitment with one or more Teams for further negotiations and possible move to Incubation or other forms of support. Please contact Gaetan Garcia ( and Dr Manolis Adamakis ( by the 24th August to receive the Google form for completion and return between 31st August and the end of September 2020
Of course, it is quite possible that Teams will seek to take support from several Partners (for example, if one Partner offers an opportunity to present at a conference and another the opportunity to apply for funding). We encourage Partners to work together where possible, to the overall benefit of the Projects, thus enhancing the network between Partners.

Equally, it may be the case that Teams will be offered similar opportunities by two or more Partners (for example, both offering to move to Incubation). In such cases the Teams will clearly have the final choice.

For the sake of efficiency, we request that you carry out an initial analysis of the Projects to select those that may be of interest to specific members of your network and pass those details to your members for further consideration and possible approach to the Team(s) concerned.

However, please note that it is possible for any member of your network to view all the projects at the weblink above

Finally, we will ask you to send me a review of the progress of the Matchathon in early September. This will facilitate our analysis of this exciting Global Design Challenge, and we will be especially interested in knowing about Projects that have a research dimension. We will also ask you to keep us in touch with progress into the Incubation phase. We will communicate further on these questions in late August.

With every good wish,
Dr Fiona Chambers
Secretary General of AIESEP
Founder: Global Design Challenge for Sport and Physical Activity