The Yokohama SPORT Conference 2020

The AIESEP Board of Directors, Executive committee would like to encourage AIESEP members to join them in attendance at the 2020 Yokohama SPORT Conference in lieu of AIESEP 2020 Hong Kong. Deadline for abstracts is 15th March 2020

Please note that in November, the AIESEP Board of Directors, in collaboration with the AIESEP 2020 Hong Kong organizing committee, announced the cancellation of AIESEP 2020. With such a short timeframe, it was not possible or advisable to realize an alternative location to host AIESEP 2020. This, in combination with AIESEP’s commitment to expanding and connecting the AIESEP community in Asia, has led the AIESEP Executive committee to suggest the 2020 Yokohama SPORT Conference as an alternative conference for AIESEP members to attend.

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