TGfU SIG- International Advisory Board (IAB) Nominations

The TGfU Executive Committee (EC) wants to provide you an update on the International Advisory Board (IAB). The majority of the members of the IAB have completed their leadership/service cycle as representatives of their respective countries in the TGfU SIG. Therefore, during the month of February the TGfU Executive Committee is opening a call for applications to renew membership on IAB. Currently, the IAB consists of 16 countries, this number can be extended if the following conditions are met (a) countries have a tradition in the game-centred approaches (GCAs) or (b) an applicant can provide a rationale for membership that indicates the potential expansion of GCAs in their country. If there is more than one application for a country, these applications will be considered and voted upon by the EC. Alternatively, a national organization, with approval from the EC, could hold its own election and thereby inform the EC of their choice prior to the start of the board member’s term.

• Informing and liaising with respective national organizing bodies for PE and sport and specifically with pedagogical related groups about TGfU SIG matters.
• Update the What’s Happening in… section of the TGfU website.
• Participate in ongoing projects- for example the Video Library Project.
• Attend online committee meetings.
• Become member of the TGfU SIG.

The following criteria will be taken on account in the selection process:
• Curriculum Vitae linked to Game Centred Approaches
• Past or future attendance to TGfU conferences and seminars
• Teacher educator
• Well connected with national Physical Education associations

Further information and application form can be found on the TGfU Sig website: or you can contact us through our Twitter @TGfUInfo