Kino-Québec Research Chair (Canada)

Launched in February 2019 under the responsibility of the Chairholder Dr. Sylvain Turcotte (Université de Sherbrooke), the Chair’s mission is to develop a better understanding of the processes that lead to the adoption of a physically active lifestyle by children in school contexts. The work carried out by the Chair unfolds around two areas: 1) intervention strategies implemented by school and out-of-school actors (leader: Dr. Felix Berrigan) and 2) professional development, including initial training and continuing education of stakeholders (leader: Dr. Sylvie Beaudoin). The objectives of the Chair are to advocate for the adoption of a physically active lifestyle by children in school settings, in order to favor overall student development, educational success, and a healthy lifestyle; to document the use of interventions and structures that contribute to the development of students from both primary and secondary levels and that involve the family and the community; to support physical education and health teachers as well as all school and out-of-school actors involved. The Chair consolidates a partnership with the province of Quebec Ministry of Education and Higher Education through several ongoing research projects. The Chair collaborates with national and international associate researchers: Postdoctoral researcher Marie-Maude Dubuc (Université de Sherbrooke); Dr. Tegwen Gadais (Université du Québec à Montréal); Dr. Marc Cloes (Université de Liège); Dr. Barrie Gordon (Victoria University of Wellington); Dr. Michael A. Hemphill (University of North Carolina at Greensboro); Dr. Paul M. Wright (Northern Illinois University). These researchers participate in the Chair’s work through research projects, knowledge mobilization activities and other dissemination activities such as conferences and publications. The expected benefits of the Chair are to train undergraduate and graduate students; to develop and to implement educational activities to support future physical education and health teachers; to develop an interdisciplinary and interuniversity research and better collaboration between stakeholders.

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