2019 Young Scholars (1): Victoria Ivy

Victoria Ivy is in the final stage of her PhD candidacy at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA. Her degree will be in human performance with a focus in sport pedagogy. Victoria’s research has been based in out of school time programming and preparing preservice physical education teachers to work in diverse settings. She is interested in understanding how the atmosphere of a program can promote physical activity and socioemotional health among youth, particularly those from communities affected by poverty. Victoria also aspires to understand and promote transfer of learning to environments beyond programs, such as during the school day, at home, and in community settings. At the AIESEP World Congress in New York, she will present her research on, “Social-Emotional Learning in Physical Activity-based Out of School Time Settings.” Her recommendation for the young scholar came from K. Andrew R. Richards.

“My interests align closely with the goals of AIESEP, seeking a global collaborative approach towards improvement and evidence-based advocacy of the field. Continuing attending, presenting at, and providing service to the AIESEP organization will be a staple of my professional career moving forward.”