AIESEP Wishes for 2019

Christmas and New Year are special opportunities for wishes. It is a tradition grounded in the belief that Humans are belonging to a big family. It is sometime so sad that those who send these nice words forget them so fast.

Within AIESEP, our wish is that all people who decide to join the association become and remain a part of the whole group despite their origins, interests, and research experience.

The next AIESEP event will be held in Garden City (USA), next June. We all hope that we will be hundreds to share our passion on sport pedagogy, whatever the context where it is appled as long as the goal would be to improve the quality of the teaching and teacher education in a way to offer to any child the best opportunities to value physical activity, physical education, and sport.

In this period, it is particularly important to send a message emphasizing the need of developing inclusive approaches aiming to integrate everyone.

Happy New Year to all …

On behalf of the AIESEP Board
Prof. Marc Cloes