Significant changes in PE teachers career path in Poland by Dr. Renata Czarniecka

The new school year in Poland brought significant changes in teachers’ professional development. These changes included internship, subsequent verification of the quality of teachers’ work and administrative proceedings for obtaining a higher degree. There are four steps (ranks) in teachers’ professional development in Poland: Intern teacher (induction), Contract teacher (in-service), Appointed teacher (in-service), Certified teacher (in-service). Starting from 1. September 2018, an internship for contract teacher degree has been extended from 9 months to 1 year and 9 months. A contract teacher may start next level of internship for appointed teacher after having worked in school for at least three years (so far it has been two years) and appointed teacher may start an internship for a certified teacher after having worked in school for at least four years (so far it has been 1 year). If the last assessment of contract and appointed teachers was distinctive, two years of employment will be sufficient to start an internship at a higher level of professional development. One of the most noticeable changes in the professional career path is the replacement of the evaluation of the professional achievements with the evaluation of the actual teacher’s quality of school work. It will be carried out every three years from the date of promotion for a contract, appointed and certified teacher. The assessment of the teacher’s work shall be issued by the headmaster of the school.