Call for Abstracts: 2019 World Congress on Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum in PE for Well-Being

The 2019 World Congress on Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum in Physical Education for Well-Being will be hosted by East China Normal University, Shanghai,CHN June 9-13, 2019.

Congress Theme
Bring together international scholars and practitioners to discuss critical and challenging issues in teaching, learning, and curriculum in physical education for student well-being.

Best teaching practices in K-12 physical education
Pre-service & in-service teachers’ content knowledge
Pre-service & in-service teachers’ professional development
Student motivation, learning, and skill performance in physical education Technology in K-12 physical education
Diversity and social justice issues in physical education
Physical activity/ fitness and cognitive functions among K-12 students
Instructional models in physical education
Health promotion in schools Comprehensive school-wide physical activity programs Policy and advocacy for K-12 physical education

Call for Abstracts
Participants are invited to submit abstracts for the First World Congress. Please read the following instructions for abstract submission carefully before preparing your abstract:
1. Oral and poster presentation submissions are accepted as the forms of scientific communication at the congress. All abstracts are subject to the same rules for submission and presentation.
2. Abstract must be written in English. The language of the congress is English and Chinese.
3. Each presenting author is permitted to submit no more than two abstracts.
4. Lead author’s name, affiliation, e-mail and phone should be provided; co- author’s name, affiliation and e-mail should be provided.
5. Abstract length is limited to 400 words. Please use Times New Roman font (font size 12) to write the text. Please use title casing, capitalizing only the first letter in each word.
6. Structured abstract is required. It must include background, purpose, methods, analysis and results, and conclusion.
7. Abstracts must be submitted by using the abstract submission form and received by 25th November 2018. Please submit to Acceptance notification will be sent by 15th December 2018.
8. The organizing committee will consider the authors’ presentation preferences during the abstract evaluation process, and the committee will make the final decision on Oral or Poster of an abstract.

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School of Physical education and Health
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