Young Scholars 2018 (4): João Martins

João Martins is a Professor at the University of Lisbon (Faculty of Human Kinetics) and Lusophone University (Faculty of Physical Education and Sport) in Lisbon. He is also a researcher at the Research and Development Unit in Education and Training Research Centre (UIDEF), Institute of Education, University of Lisbon. He finished his PhD at the University of Lisbon with the title ‘Physical Education and Lifestyles: Why are adolescents physically (in)active?’. João’s research interests are related to the role of schools and physical education in promoting active and healthy lifestyles. At the AIESEP World Congress in Edinburgh he will present his research on ‘Why are some adolescents physically active and others still inactive? A mixed-methods study’. His recommendation for the Young Scholar Award came from Marcos Onofre.

“In the following years I want to further contribute to the improvement of schools and PE roles in promoting active lifestyles and to the physical literacy area. I would also like to get more involved with AIESEP. Together we will be in a better position to fulfil the AIESEP mission.”