Young Scholars 2018 (3): Claudio Farias

Claudio Farias finished his postdoctoral program in PETE and his PhD (‘Teaching PE through Sport Education: an action research study’) at the Faculty of Sport (University of Porto, Portugal). Claudio has a strong interest in teaching and researching on models-based PE. Presently, he is a Lecturer in PETE, coach education and sports coaching at the University Lusofona (Lisboa, Portugal). At the AIESEP World Congress in Edinburgh he will present his research on models-based practice in PE (“The ‘project’ changed my life”: a retrospective analysis of Sport Education’s transformative potential’; and ‘Long-term development of game-play decision-making, efficiency and efficacy: combining Sport Education-Tactical Games across three consecutive invasion games units’). His recommendation for the Young Scholar Award came from Professor Peter A. Hastie who is with the Kinesiology department at Auburn University (USA).

“In the future, I want to support all AIESEP initiatives aimed at promoting and supporting scientific research in professional preparation and professional practice in PE, PA and sport pedagogy and to actively collaborate in the organisation of scientific meetings and information dissemination and sharing of new knowledge with the international community.