Message to the members: Elections of 2018 – 22 AIESEP Board of Directors

The next General Assembly of the AIESEP is planned during the AIESEP Word Congress in Edinburgh (Scotland) – 25-28 July 2018. It will be the time to elect the new Board of Directors. That important event of the AIESEP’s life will take place on Friday 27th July.

The members who were in order of membership on March 23, 2018 are allowed to vote for their representatives. Representatives voted onto the AIESEP Board of Directors as individual or institutional members will contribute to the missions of the association that includes the promotion of high quality research worldwide in the areas of physical education, physical activity and sport pedagogy across the lifespan, in the respect of the multilingual and multicultural characteristics of the association.

• The (eligible) institutional members will vote for 12 out of 17 applicants while the (eligible) individual members will vote for 4 out of 11 applicants. In case of a tie, extra rounds will be organized.

• The President and Secretary General will be elected among the 16 applicants on the AIESEP Board of Directors. In order to run for President or Secretary General, candidates must have served on the Board for one full term (four years).

All information about the election (list of the applicants, list of eligible voters, guidelines of the election process, proxy forms …) are available in the Membership Area of the AIESEP website ( AIESEP members are encouraged to visit that private section of the website and read carefully the details in order to prepare their vote. Specific FAQ have been prepared to encourage their participation to that fundamental moment of the association’s life.

Do not forget that each member can use a mandate/proxy form in case of non-attendance at the General Assembly.

Renewing the Board of Director is a fundamental issue for an international association as AIESEP: We are counting on you!