AIESEP Vision and Work of the sub-committees

AIESEP’s aim (as per its constitution) is to promote high quality research worldwide in the areas of physical education, physical activity and sport pedagogy across the lifespan

AIESEP Executive and four sub committees support the Vision of AIESEP.  A brief description of each Sub Committee follows:

  1. AIESEP Marketing, Recruitment and Young Scholars Committee

Goals of the Committee (Led by Michal Lenartowicz, POL)

  • Promoting the professional development of Early Career Scholars and update the regulations for Young Scholar Award as needed
  • Manage regulation, promotion, applications and selection for Young Scholar Awards
  • Provide networking and professional development opportunities for young scholar recipients and other early career researchers at AIESEP conferences.
  • Identify ways AIESEP Early Career Scholars can become involved in AIESEP events
  • Maintain AIESEP website, Facebook, Twitter and newsletter communication channels
  • Increase information exchange regarding AIESEP activity and plans via Facebook, Twitter, new Flash Blog (replacing the AIESEP Flash) and website that is active and relevant
  • Provide information on AIESEP Early Career Scholar activities through AIESEP’s electronic communication channels, including AIESEP Flash Blog (replaced the AIESEP Flash Blog) (managed currently by Bryan McCullick).
  • Encouraging AIESEP membership through available electronic media and directly during AIESEP meetings
  1. Fellowship & Member Relations Committee (Led by Hans Peter Brandl-Bredenbeck, Germany)

Goals of the Committee

  • Manage regulation, promotion, applications and selection for Fellowship Awards
  • Arrange event for fellows and past board members
  • Identify ways in which AIESEP Fellows, can become involved in AIESEP events
  • Seek to engage with AIESEP Fellows to share their scholarship developments via AIESEP social media outlets
  • Attract interesting content for inclusion in the AIESEP Flash Blog
  1. Research & Scientific Meetings Committee (Currently led by Attilio Carraro, ITA)

Goals of the Committee

  • Manage, promotion, applications and selection for AIESEP Poster Awards
  • Source appropriate host universities to bid for future AIESEP events
  • Ensure meeting organizers receive and adhere to scientific meeting guidelines
  • Engage with hosts around nominations for Scientific committees for AIESEP events
  • Suggest/approve internationally recognised keynotes for AIESEP Events as requested
  • Collate an Open Access Research Repository of all AIESEP members.
  • Promote systematic international comparisons and data collection within AIESEP network.
  • Attract interesting content for inclusion for the AIESEP Flash Blog
  1. Internationalisation Committee (Led by Nathalie Wallian Université de Franche-Comté)

Goals of the Committee

  • Increase geographical spread of AIESEP membership
  • Manage the promotion, sponsorship, applications and selection for AIESEP Developing Country Award.
  • Increase the number of delegates and young scholars from developing countries
  • Support AIESEP’s engagement with relevant international bodies (EUPEA, ARIS, ICSSPE, ICSP)
  • Build networks with underrepresented national agencies and higher education institutions in preparing bids for AIESEP specialist seminars, conferences or world congresses.
  • Attract and submit relevant content for inclusion in the AIESEP Flash Blog