The 10th ARIS Biennal- Lille (France)

On June 19-21, 2018, the Association for the Research on Intervention in Sport (ARIS) will organize its 10th biennal conference in Lille, France. The title is: ‘L’intervention dans les pratiques physiques, sportives et artistiques : Responsabilités et Stratégies des acteurs’ (Intervention in physical, sports and artistic practices: Responibilities and strategies of the actors).

Four axes are envisaged: (1) New societal challenges, new contexts, new issues and practices of intervention in ‘sports’; (2) Innovating strategies in several contexts; (3) Analysis of the effects of the intervention; (4) Empowerment of practitioners: issues and intervention strategies.

Abstracts submission : January 14 (some extra delay for international guests ;-))) Presentations in French and English.

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